Dark Chocolate

Peppermint Shards


Peppermint Chocolate Shards – Mint-Infused Elegance in Milk or Dark Chocolate

We have recently changed the appearance of our peppermint shards - the design on these images are outdated and we will update them 

Savour the classic combination of chocolate and peppermint with our Peppermint Chocolate Shards. Choose between milk or dark chocolate, each intricately decorated with a floral pattern and subtly infused with peppermint. It's a delightful, minty twist on your chocolate experience that's sure to please.

Approximately 100g.

Special Features:
Dark chocolate shards are Vegan-Friendly.

Dark chocolate shards contain SOYA LECITHIN.
Milk chocolate shards contain MILK and SOYA LECITHIN.