The Giant Easter Egg | A Showstopper That's Meant to Be Seen


This Easter, we're taking the hunt out of the equation with our Giant Easter Egg - a centrepiece so magnificent, it demands to be displayed. Born from a tradition of craftsmanship and an eye for the extraordinary, our Giant Egg is not just an Easter treat; it's a statement of celebration.

Crafted with passion and precision, our eggs are a departure from the ordinary. While others may tread lightly, we embrace the indulgence of a thick, rich chocolate shell that begs to be cracked open. Each egg, weighing approximately 1.5kg, is a testament to the joy of Easter, lovingly handcrafted from the finest Belgian couverture chocolate.

Choose your canvas - Milk, Dark, or White chocolate - each with its own story and character. Our Milk Chocolate offers a comforting creaminess, our Dark Chocolate, a profound depth, and our White Chocolate, a delicate whisper of cocoa butter. For those seeking something truly bespoke, we invite you to leave a personal message, transforming your Giant Egg into a vessel of your sentiments.

Presented in clear cellophane and tied with a ribbon, our Giant Egg is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate.

While we find the Giant Egg is best suited for click and collect or local deliveries, we understand the desire to share the joy far and wide. Should you choose to have this marvel posted, rest assured we will package it with the utmost care to safeguard its journey. However, due to its grandeur and delicate craftsmanship, we cannot guarantee against the rare chance of a 'premature hatching' during transit.

This Easter, let the Giant Egg take centre stage in your celebrations, a symbol of abundance, joy, and the art of chocolate mastery. After all, some treasures are too grand to hide.